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Learn about the amazing experiences that have lived the winners of the #MyPlaylist contest, a contest that turned the beauty of the east side of the lake into music.

Ragazza con cuffie


Beatrice Marelli

A vacation full of relax and tranquillity that only the eastern side of Lake Garda can give you.


Marco Biato

From Nicolis Museum to spa, Lake Garda Veneto is perfect for a vacation dedicated to culture and relaxation.

Food and wine culture

Patrizia Scarlatti

A journey to discover the excellent food and wine culture of Garda Veneto, rich in traditional dishes with distinctive flavour.

#MyPlaylist contest has just finished.

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As of today, holidays in Lake Garda will be accompanied by an extraordinary soundtrack!


Veneto Garda Lake amazes you everyday

A holiday you won’t stop talking about

It's about experiences and adventures — with your friends, partners or family, as you prefer. Prepare for plenty of fun and discoveries.

Welcome to Garda Veneto, your lake.

#ILikeMyLake Tour

A vacation a day

A tour: three influencers traveling along the shores of Lake Garda, Veneto. Through their eyes, we discover the uniqueness of lakeside villages, spectacular views, and adventures that leave you breathless.

Influencer 4

Matteo Acitelli

A journalist and content creator based in Rome, Matteo is also the founder of the Instagram community "Instagramers Roma" - @igersroma. He works as a consultant for newspapers and online magazines. His passions? Travelling and sharing his experiences on social networks.

Influencer 2

Alessandra Turriziani

Content creator for passion and social media manager for work, she was born in the autumn of 1992 and dreams of a like by the lake. Alessandra loves art in all its forms, she travels a lot with her head, but also with her suitcase. She collects vinyls, loves plants and never asks awkward questions. Lately she has been losing all his patience as a manager of musical artists on the Roman scene.

Influencer 3


Besy is a heterochromatic influencer and Brand Ambassador who lives and works in Milan, Italy, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Her distinctive trait is heterochromia, which is why she built the largest community of social media platforms @Heterocoloureds with the aim of creating and spreading awareness about this particular genetic characteristic.

6 reasons to love Veneto Garda Lake

The experiences you will live in the lake you will love

#ILikeMyLake Tour

A vacation a day

Our influencers are touring along the beaches of Lake Garda Veneto. Through their eyes, you can discover the uniqueness of the lake’s communities, its beautiful vistas, and live experiences that will take your breath away.

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  3. Tour 3

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